About Us

R&B Studio is a small business architectural firm located in Bethesda, Maryland. The firm is comprised of design professionals with the credentials and professional licenses required to deliver exceptional Design, Planning and Project Management services. With the greatest regard for customer satisfaction, we strive to be the best choice to provide the highest quality professional services in our field of expertise.

we offer one-stop professional expertise in every project phase, from programming to design to construction.

Whether your project is large or small, simple or complex, with low or multi-million dollar budget – from concept to construction to operation, R&B Studio will meet your goal. We are committed to meeting or exceeding Client’s goals and expectations on every project by delivering solutions that are innovative, practical, and cost effective.

Project Management

R&B Studio performed the project management of several projects in the design, procurement and construction phase by providing expert advice and supporting the customer agency's decisions in the implementation of the projects listed below:

  • Auditorium Renovation - VAMCDC
  • Atrium Renovation, - VAMCDC
  • Renovate Radiology Department - VAMCDC
  • Site Prep GD137-PHILLIPS Multi Diagnost ELEVA - VAMCDC
  • Site Prep GD141-PHILLIPS Digital Diagnost THVM System - VAMCDC
  • Renovate Community Living Center (CLC) - VAMCDC
  • Renovate and Expand Sterile Processing Service (SPS) - VAMCDC
  • Radiation Therapy, Site Prep Linear Accelerator - VAMCDC
  • Halls and Walls 1E - VAMCDC
  • Renovate Research Lab, Phase 3 - VAMCDC
  • Renovate Canteen - VAMCDC

The following are some of the tasks R&B STUDIO provided:
Pre-design Phase Services
Project Design Phase Services
Project Procurement Phase Services
project Construction Administration Services

R&B Studio performed design services for the implementation of the projects listed below:

  • Black Lion Market – Washington DC
  • Renovate Canteen - VAMCDC
  • Relocate Police Services – VAMCDC
  • Atrium Renovation, - VAMCDC